Виктория Сухарева - Russian Diva
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Victoria Sukhareva - Russian Diva
Victoria Sukhareva - Russian Diva
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Victoria Sukhareva - Russian Diva
Finally it has come!  Long awaited album "Tutta La Vita" is available on itunes, cdbaby and others  from February 2013
    Like everything delicate and beautiful, this slight young woman bewitches with an air of the exotic and unattainable. The audience feels the charm, surrendering to the singer’s unique synthesis of Russian vocal academy discipline with the sensual and passionate performance of a charismatic artist.
    Her strong, unforgettable soprano and bright stage persona turn every song into a tour de force, full of inner drama and poignant lyrics that bring light and joy to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
February 2014. The work on second Victoria's studio album has started.
From this time we launched collaboration with  Andrea Gallo, famous Italian lyricist and songwriter. He has hundreds tons of songs everywhere around Italy.